My name is Jessica Tempel and I am the animal trainer teaching the  training programs at All Care.With over 15 years of experience training and working hands-on with  domestic and exotic animals, I have gained extensive knowledge in  animal behavior and psychology. In addition to my experience, in 2003  I graduated from Moorpark College's Exotic Animal Training and  Management Program in CA. Through this rigorous 22 month commitment  to the program, I gained over 100 college credit hours and 3 different  degrees in all, Wildlife Management; Animal Training and Behavior; and  Veterinarian Skills. Upon graduating, I was hired at Sea World's  Discovery Cove as an Animal Trainer working directly with Atlantic  Bottle-nosed Dolphins. In 2007, I was promoted to Senior Animal  Trainer which gave me the opportunity to be a mentor to other staff  members and educate them on the training techniques of the dolphins, young and old alike. In all, I worked for Discovery Cove for over 7  years, until I gave birth to my daughter.With an intense passion to educate the public and train animals, I  created Don't Shoot Your Dog, LLC. This allows me to help people  build a stronger bond with their pet while educating them on the  psychology of the animals behaviors. Knowing the meaning of your pets  psychological thought process in combination with the practical  training and conditioning techniques given in the 4 week, 1 hour  courses will not only help you to understand and correct the adverse  behaviors, but also help you to maintain and acknowledge future  occurrences.


Ultrasound/Radiography Specialist

Dr. Karen Morrow is a board certified radiologist who specializes in ultrasound and radiography. Dr Morrow received the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 from Colorado State University. After practicing in California for 2 years she returned to Colorado State University to teach veterinary anatomy. In 1996, Dr. Morrow completed a 3 year residency in Veterinary Radiology and received the Master of Science degree in Radiological Health Sciences from Colorado State University. In the same year, Dr. Morrow achieved diplomate status within the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Dr. Morrow has been working with the veterinarians in the central Florida area since 2001. A veterinary radiologist is the only board certified veterinary professional specifically trained in performing and interpreting the ultrasound exam for your pet.

Why do you need a veterinary radiologist? Veterinary radiologists review many times the number of imaging studies typically seen by other veterinarians. Extensive training in diagnostic imaging makes the Veterinary radiologist an invaluable member of you animal health care team. Consultation with a Veterinary Radiologist ensures the most accurate and thorough imaging diagnosis to help guide treatment and provide the highest quality animal care.


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